Heartwarming / The Path

Video Game

  • Interestingly enough, Ginger's harrowing. She and the Girl in Red Wolf playfully chase each other around the field of flowers, and then fall to the ground laughing.
  • Robin jumping on her wolf's back and getting a piggyback ride from it is Awww! worthy.
    • Robin in general is a pretty cute little girl. If you explore the woods with her, you can witness her swing on a swing, skip up to items (as opposed to her sisters, who simply walk up to them), and play pretend with a shopping cart.
    Robin: I'm a kid, I'm a kid, I'm a little kid! And I play, and I play in my little way! Buy me now at discount prices!
    • There's also Robin's reaction to picking flowers, a rare reference to the other sisters.
    Robin: A flower for Rose and a flower for Carmen, a flower for Scarlet and a flower for grandma…
  • If you let the Girl in White lead you back to the path, once you're there, she will hug you tightly before disappearing back into the forest.
    • Ruby actually giggles when The Girl in White plays with her!
  • Ruby's fond giggle also shows up if she goes to the Bunker after Ginger has spraypainted a smirking face on it. Even though what Ruby paints is very different, she likes her sister's logo.
  • If you have the girls stay on the path instead of meeting their wolves, they each go through a normal version of Grandma's house, ending with them entering Grandma's room and laying down next to her on the bed. Yes, even Ruby, Carmen, and Scarlet.