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Heartwarming: The Others
  • During the ending, Anne and Nicholas bask in the sunlight - something they were never able to do when they were alive - and regard it with wonder and joy. "Mummy, look - it doesn't hurt any more."
  • Grace and Charles' reunion and, later, their love scene.
  • Towards the end, just before the old woman finds the children hiding in a cupboard, Anne tries to return to her mother. Nicholas begs her not to, thinking that doing so will be too dangerous. Anne desperately responds "I can't just leave her!" Given that Grace and Anne have been at odds throughout most of the film, this is especially heartwarming. There's also the preceding scene with Grace and the children, when she tells them to go and hide, and tightly hugs Nicholas. Anne, after previously rejecting Grace's hug earlier on, runs to her mother's arms.
  • "Shall I make us a nice cup of tea?"
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