Heartwarming / The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: The ending of The Richest Duck in the World.
  • It wavers between this and Tear Jerker with Goldie, who in later Don Rosa stories is revealed to still be waiting for Scrooge, even as an old woman.
    • Scrooge as well, in his old days is often shown simply sitting idly by and stare fondly at the lock of Goldie's hair that he still has.
  • A Letter from Home: Well. Whaddya know. The old curmudgeon does have feelings. And he manages to reestablish a bond with his estranged sister, and admit both to himself and her that he considered Donald the wealthy one, simply because he has a real family.
    • Notably, what convinces Matilda to forgive him is that he leaps in to take a bullet for her.
  • The music video for ''A Lifetime of Adventure'' off of the soundtrack album. The video shows Don Rosa working on the art for the cover of the album, and he looks so darn ecstatic to be working on this project. This was the first time (2014) he'd done commercial-level art since his last Duck story in 2006.
    • Also, when Don Rosa first heard samples from the album, he cried from joy.
  • Though there's a certain amount of spookiness since they are ghosts, the fact that the McDucks of the past are still watching over their descendants to make sure they're doing well is nice too see. Sir Quackly especially serves as something of a helper or mentor to Scrooge and is directly responsible for giving Scrooge the idea to go to America and work on his Uncle Pothole's riverboat, which of course is what eventually led him to becoming the richest duck in the world.
  • The first time that anyone is able to understand a word Hortense says is when she's saying goodbye to Scrooge before he leaves to start travelling the world at the end of The Last of the Clan McDuck.