Heartwarming / The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

  • June apologizing to the Batoot near the end of "Not in My Backyard".
  • One episode had June's friends discover her secret. But instead of freaking out, they all thought it was pretty cool.
  • In an episode where Ray Ray accidentally turns into an irreversible giant growing purple dinosaur monster, June has no choice but to make a new body for Ray Ray. When it works she immediately goes for a tight hug. Then punches him in the shoulder lightly.
  • Whenever Ray Ray's in more trouble than he can chew off and June is worried. In one episode it looks as if a monsters' animation spell has knocked him out, cue the worried older sister.
  • When Ray Ray becomes Te Xuan Ze in an alternate timeline where Juniper doesn't exist, he immediately decides that "a world without June ain't right". After the rescue, they fight off some Time-wraiths and June sees that Ray Ray is actually really good at her own job, acknowledging it with awe.