Heartwarming: The Joy Of Painting

  • Ross once was approached by a fan that was upset he could never paint as well as him. The reason: he was color blind. Ross then dedicated an episode to that fan and created a gorgeous snowy mountain with only black, white and grey.
  • As stated on the main page, aside from making money with his paintings, his primary reason for leaving the military and taking up art was to not stop being a nice guy. Leaving a profession that, by nature, leads to the deaths of human beings and quite often the hardening of one's personality, just to bring joy and beauty to the world and keep your smile? Gets you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, it does.
    • He didn't even like having to shout and order people to do stuff like clean the latrine as part of his military position. According to Ross himself, he made a vow during that time that if he left the military, he would never again get a job where you have to scream.
  • Bob Ross was a proud Momma's Boy and said so during one of his programs.
    These are the kinds of paintings my mother likes, so maybe I'll dedicate this one to my mommy. I'm an old man, but I'm still a mommy's boy and I don't care who knows it. She's my favorite lady in the whole wide world.