Heartwarming / The Honeymooners

  • The ending of the Christmas episode, with Ralph giving a poignant speech on the meaning of the holiday, followed by Gleason stepping out of character to bring everyone back on stage and wish the audience a Merry Christmas.
  • Alice and Ralph's make-up sessions are often this, but one example stands out. Alice has a telephone installed, and secretly takes a job as a babysitter to make money to pay for it. Ralph, noticing that she is making covert calls and sneaking out, is initially unconcerned...until he overhears a coworker discussing how he saw Alice with another guy. A furious Ralph finds out where Alice is going, storms over, and shouts at the person to come out...only to reveal that the "man" is the boy Alice has been babysitting! An ashamed Ralph expects Alice to be embarrassed or mad at him...but instead, she declares, "Oh, Ralph. I love you," explaining that the fact that Ralph is so jealous and fearful of losing her, despite his constant whining and complaining, is sweet. Ralph says his famous Catch-Phrase—"Baby, you're the greatest!"—and the episode ends. Awww.
  • Polish version of the show (set in The Present Day) actually gives some closure to the plot - one of the boys' schemes finally worked, the couples can move to nice pair of semis in the suburbs... and the last episode ends with Alice exclaiming she's pregnant.