Heartwarming / The Heart She Holler

"Congroined Hearts": Now that she knows for a fact that the Sherriff is cheating on her, Hambrosia decides to cheat on him with the one person in The Multiverse she can: Hambrosia in Universe 4. Our current Hambrosia overhears other Hambrosia of Universe 4 talking shit about her to another resident of Universe 4, so Hambrosia decides to use her powers only for good. She divorces the Sherriff, allowing him to marry Hurshey. Meemaw astral projects her face onto Hurshey, and Hambrosia goes to see her. Meemaw tells her that the Comening will be comening at midnight. Hambrosia snorts up hourglass sand like cocaine, allowing her to move fast enough to save everyone. She decides to save everyone from the Comening by giving everyone in the Holler a Bloody Hilarious Mercy Kill. The Sherriff kills her, and she dies smiling.