Heartwarming / The Guild

  • Codex: Why does this have to happen? I... I liked the people I had before..."
  • Tink and Bladezz making up
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      Vork: Everybody has to have a taint. It's anatomically required. So we rejoice in the presence of our taint. Tink, welcome back.
      Tink smiles.
  • The Guild coming together to rescue Zaboo from his mother.
  • Zaboo making up with his mom.
  • Season Five, Episode 10:
    Codex: I almost quit the game yesterday, and I didn't because I love you assholes!
    • Pretty much all of Tink and Codex's interactions this season, as well as Tink offering to have a girls' weekend with Clara. Seeing Tink defrost is just heartwarming in general.
  • The Season 6 finale. Codex tells all the protesters to say to Lloyd's face what they've only had the guts to say over the Internet before. You think they're either going to flame him or stay quiet. Instead, they all gather around him and say how much they love his work.
    • The Grand Finale. When Codex signs off from her video blog at the conclusion, it's after she's made some real friends, had the confidence to stand up to a group of total strangers, has a job that she's happy with and can be successful at, and overall has proven that she can do as well in the real world as she can online. Whether or not the season six ending is a true "finale", there's a sense that she has managed to work through the issues she started the blog to talk through and that she doesn't need it anymore.