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Heartwarming: The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
  • The end of Jeff's first episode. "Some bugs just can't be squashed."
  • In "The Halls of Time" when Billy turns his dads hourglass upside down when he is about to choke to death.
  • Alot of moments toward the end of "Underfist" surprisingly enough:
    • Fred Fredburger showing just how much he cared about the team.
    • Dracula helping Irwin accept his monster heritage.
    • Jeff and Fred's duet together.
    • Hoss accepting Irwin and even saying his name right.
    • Mindy's Heel-Face Turn.
    • Skarr ending up betraying Bun-Bun, whom he was pretending to betray Underfist for (he spent most of the special hating the idea of the Underfist team, so his betrayal of them seemed so convincing.)
  • In this one from Big Boogie Adventure, when a giant octopus eats Billy alive, Mandy didn't seem to worry.....until later:
    Mandy: (with an unsure look) We don't need Billy anyway....right?
    Grim: (shrugs)
    Irwin: We need Billy!! (cries)
    Mandy: (hits Irwin with an arm for paddle) Billy is....always fine...(looks down to the river and quickily wipes a tear)
  • How about the ending to "aren't you chupacabra to see me?
    billy: (tearing up) I-I love you, Daisy!
    daisy the chupacabra: (fading) I love you too billy (vanishes)
    Billy: NOOOOO!!!
    • everything that follows, however, is hilarious :D
  • Billy finally accepting Jeff as his son in Wrath of the Spider Queen.
  • Billy telling Grim he's his best friend in Grim Surprise, complete with a How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Shout-Out.
  • The end of "Loser from the Earth's Core," when Nergal returns home after abandoning his family for half a year
  • Ms. Butterbean is legitimately touched when Billy gives her a gift as appreciation for being his teacher, even though said gift is a rancid apple she eats without bothering to wash and really look at and almost kills her.
  • Mindy's insulting Mandy in the episode My Fair Mandy where Mandy's entered a beauty contest against her. Grim, appalled by Mindy's behavior that actually seems to be hurting Mandy of all people, asks Mandy if she wants Mindy turned into a stinkbug. For all that Mandy's put him through, he's still willing to defend her against insults.
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