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Heartwarming: The Great McGinty
  • Oddly enough, McGinty gets one when he's reading to the children at night:
    McGinty: (reading slowly) "You had to get up pretty early to be smarter than Willie Rabbit, because he was as full of brains as a dog is full of fleas. Just as he got to the edge of the field by the old split rail fence, a shadow fell across his path. And who do you suppose it was? I'll give you three guesses and then three more and then three other ones. But you can try all night without guessing who it really was because it was none other than..."
    Catherine: (interrupting) Darling?
    McGinty: Huh?
    (Catherine indicates the children are asleep)
    McGinty: Oh. Just a minute. (goes back to reading) "...none other than our friend Muggledy-Wump the Tor-toys." (looks up at Catherine) That's who I thought it was.
  • When McGinty realizes he's in love with Catherine.
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