Heartwarming: The Gmod Idiot Box

  • Definitely when #1 consoles Das Bo Shitt about his broken computer by giving him money to see a movie and the hug after surprising him with an entirely new machine when he comes home in the "200.000 subscribers milestone" video.
  • Speaking of broken computers, Das Bo Schitt's computer in real life was starting to become worse for wear, and he made a video asking for donations for a new computer so he could turn his career around from his current job as an unarmed night guard. He hit his funding goal in around an hour.
  • The ending of episode 12. With the help of Chuckles the Cheat, Dr. Hax banhammers Dennis the Douchebag for a month, and then bans Chuckles (Who was offering Hax a handshake) himself for using cheats to catch Dennis. Sure its funny but there's a nice d'awwwww feeling when Dr. Hax then downgrades Chuckles' ban from a month to a week instead.
  • Episode 14 makes it seem that Chuckles is now Dr. Hax's pupil, and it's actually kind of sweet to see the mentor-student dynamic between them.
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