Heartwarming / The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

  • "I won't be long... I'll come running."
  • Makoto's younger sister "saves" her Makoto from leaping out of the window and profusely apologizes for eating her pudding cup. All the while hanging on to Makoto's waist and shirt. She continues watching her from the window when Makoto goes out for some pudding. Makoto then waves to her sister goodbye. Sisterly love....
  • Chiaki asking out Makoto...Too bad it got worse.
  • Kaho and her friends playing baseball with Chiaki and Kousuke.
  • Makoto promising Chiaki that she'll preserve the restored painting somehow so he can see it in the future.
  • Chiaki pulling a Heroic Sacrifice. To explain, he used up his last time leap in order to prevent the deaths of Kousuke and Kaho...even if it meant giving up his last chance of seeing the painting.