Heartwarming / The GaMERCaT

  • This comic it is too beautiful for words.
  • Glitch stopping Sweet from punching Gamer Cat by inviting him to play some Wii U.
  • The comic as a whole, the characters and art style are so adorable you can't help but melt your heart while reading it.
  • The current story arc has Gamer Cat dealing with the holiday stress, something that's made worse with the negative influence of the fairy. Pixel's attempt at snapping him out of it fails and he ends up comatose... then Malcolm comes along and we're all reminded of the real reason for the season.
  • Pixel telling Glitch that a valentine is a good friend that you care about, and then Glitch asking Pixel to be his valentine
  • Sweet cares very much for the safety and well being of his sisters. Don't dare try to mess with them, or he'll be on you in a second. And it's not overly-protective that they would resent it, because his sisters personally use him as a bodyguard against "creepos".
  • Gamercat and Glitch comforting Malcolm, after bad weather keeps him from making Thanksgiving dinner with his family.
  • Glitch misunderstands when Sweet says that Gamercat and Pixel are getting trophies in his game because he doesn't get any. So he goes ahead and makes him one. Sweet's reaction is priceless.
  • Glitch asks Gamercat if he regrets buying the PS Vita, an expensive handheld he barely played before putting in a drawer. Gamercat, remembering that the day he bought the PS Vita was the same day he met and brought home Glitch, hugs the kitten and says that it was worth every penny.