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Heartwarming: The Fox and the Hound
  • This dialogue:
    Tod: Copper, you're my very best friend.
    Copper: And you're mine, too, Tod.
    Tod: And we'll always be friends forever, won't we?
    Copper: Yeah, forever...
    • The film ends with an audio flashback of this dialogue when Tod and Copper are torn their separate ways, but know they will always be friends at heart.
  • Tod and Vixey's Falling in Love Montage.
  • After the fight with the bear, it seems that Amos Slade will become an Ungrateful Bastard and blast the wounded Tod away. However, Copper, who earlier tried to kill Tod, stands up for Tod and pleads to Slade to be reasonable. This causes Slade to realize what he's about to do, and after he spends a moment feeling shameful about himself, he spares Tod's life.
  • As...misplaced as the midquel might be, it does have a very beautiful, subtle moment between Amos Slade and Tweed. With Tod and Copper having run off to the fair, the two comb the forest in the middle of the night, looking for their pets. They meet over a fence and, after a bout of their usual bickering, Tweed says she'll keep an eye out for Copper. And despite his hatred of Tod, Slade promises to do the same for "that fox of yours".
  • During the fight with the bear when Amos Slade realizes just how outmatched Copper is and that all he can hope to do is aggravate and distract the bear, he abandons his attempts to escape the trap and instead tries to reach his gun. While subtle, it sort of highlights just how much he cares for Copper.
  • Copper and Chief's bonding.
  • Copper tracks down and mercilessly hunts Tod and his mate, looking like he won't hesitate for second to kill him should he get a hold of him, yet when Tod witnesses him about to be killed by a bear, he simply can't let it happen and rushes in to save his former best friend.


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