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Heartwarming: The Fifth Act
  • Sephiroth's friendship with Genesis kept him from going insane.
  • How Zack and Kunsel get Cloud to open up.
  • When Cloud goes missing, and later captured by Hojo all the prominent characters do their best to find him.
  • In the end, it's Cloud's act of kindness in curing Genesis that ultimately results in preventing a whole lot of future misery, rather than bloody vengeance on a Sephiroth who hasn't become a bad guy yet.
  • In one of the spin offs, Vincent takes Sephiroth to meet Lucretia.
    • From the same spin off, Cloud finally acknowledging Sephiroth as his friend.
  • When Cloud finally gives the dying Angeal the spring water.
    No, this is not how you die.
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