Heartwarming / The Elenium

  • In "The Ruby Knight": Kurik acknowledging his illegitimate son Talen.
    "Are you ashamed of me, Father?" Talen asked in a small voice, his face downcast.
    Kurik looked at him. "No, Talen," he said, "actually, I'm not." He put his burly arm around the boy's shoulders. "This is my son, Talen," he said defiantly, "and if anybody wants to make an issue of it, I'll be more than happy to give him satisfaction and we can throw out the nonsense about the nobility and the commons not being allowed to fight each other."
    • Almost as much as that, the other knights immediately congratulate Kurik on having such an amazing son. This drives Talen into Sephrenia's arms, tears flowing.
  • The reunion of Sephrenia and Vanion at the end of Diamond Throne
  • Anytime someone says "Little mother."
  • Some lovely moments between Aphrael & Sparhawk- pretty much any time they're not snarking at each other, they're being adorable.
    • One in particular stands out- when it finally hits him that his daughter is a goddess who's likely to have had many hundreds of fathers before him, she reassures him that not only does she love him, but that he was the best one she's had.
    • And the moment she goes to retrieve Bhelliom - despite knowing she's an immortal who could survive pretty much anything thrown at her, he's still freaking out internally because it's his daughter down there.
  • Kalten has convinced himself that the girl he's in love with is in love with Berit, and is quite willing to let them be together if it makes her happy. This is heartwarming in itself, but gets better when she realizes what he's doing and yells at him for not noticing that she's returned his feelings for pretty much the entire book.
  • Despite the Ham-to-Ham Combat, the Gag Boobs, and the Anything That Moves implications, Sparhawk takes a moment to make sure that Lilias is able to provide for herself and that she has been doing ok since he left. He also works with her during their "breakup" to ensure that it will leave her suitably respected by the rest of her community.
  • Martel apologising to Sparhawk for Kurik's death and asking him to convey his regrets to Aslade. It's not much, but coming from Martel it's the best he can offer.
  • Talen willingly gives all the money he stole from a guy charging passers-by from using a natural ford note  to the hungry family of the man in charge of a bridge that almost nobody crosses (and who can't charge toll to Church Knights), sayin that his children need the money more than him.
  • Ehlana telling Sparhawk why she is not an innocent child anymore ends with this pearl: "If I seem hard, it's because I grew up in hostile territory. It may take you some years to soften those sharp edges, but I'm sure I'll enjoy your efforts in that direction."
  • Kalten, of all people, bringing Sephrenia back from very damn near a Despair Event Horizon... by kicking down her door ("Elene magic") and smothering her into submission with unconditional love.
    Sephrenia: ‘About all he really did was wrap his arms around me and tell me that he loved me. He kept saying it over and over again, and every time he said it, it struck me right to the heart. Elenes are very good bullies. I screamed at him for a while, and he ignored me. Then I tried hitting him, but hitting Kalten is sort of like pounding on a brick. I even tried crying—I’ve always had good luck with crying but all he did was offer to make me a cup of tea. After a while, I realized that he was going to continue to love me no matter what I did and that all I was really doing was making a fool of myself, so here I am.
  • How the relationship betwen Sparhawk and Bhelliom slowly changes into one of friendship.
  • Ehlana: I have some remarkable people working for me, Zalasta.