* In Chapter 2:
** In [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-2-page-21 the strip after Sarin reveals her feelings for Mori:]]
--->'''Sarin''' [''wrapping up her speech'']: I didn't want to make things awkward between us, but I felt like I would explode if I didn't tell you the truth. [''sighs''] ...I feel better at least getting that out.\\
'''Mori''' [''sighing'']: ...you know, I came to accept a long time ago that I was, at best, a merely plain-looking woman, but it's pretty disturbing to realize that I'm more attractive as a man.\\
'''Sarin:''' Sorry.\\
'''Mori:''' Well, as long as we're being ''[[BrutalHonesty completely]]'' [[BrutalHonesty honest]] now ... [[BaitAndSwitch you look a lot better]] without a [[PornStache moustache]].\\
'''Sarin:''' You --! Ahahahahaha! Now that's the stuff I love to talk about!
** The same strip leads into our learning that [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-2-page-17 Aki's pickup line to Goro]] has also had [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-2-page-22 happy results for them both.]]
** Upon discovering everyone else in the house sleeping with each other, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-2-page-24 Kili summons the Capricious Spirit of Love to ask what's going on.]] Said spirit proceeds to [[TricksterMentor mock and tease her into realizing that her co-workers have only acted on their feelings]], and [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-2-page-25 that she can find love too, if she looks for it.]]
* Near the end of Chapter 4, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-4-page-26 when Kili talks to Mori about how depressing it is that Tomo died so young, and Mori reassures and comforts her.]]
* In Chapter 5, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-5-page-31 Tomo coming back to help Kili, and telling her: "Don't you think you deserve a little help, unasked for?"]]
* Two in Chapter 6:
** The morning after the full moon, when [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-6-page-24 Greg wakes up next to Kili.]] ([[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments Subverted a moment later when Sarin awws over the pair of them.]])
** At the end, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-6-page-30 while Mori is getting some sleep after the excitement of the previous night.]]
-->'''Mori:''' Mmm? When did you sneak in here?\\
'''Sarin:''' Hey, I was tired too. And I felt like snuggling.\\
'''Mori:''' Oh. Carry on, then.\\
'''Sarin''' [''grinning'']: Hee hee.
* In Chapter 7:
** [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-7-page-41 Rina having a chance to say goodbye to her parents.]]
** [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-7-page-44 Pinky reassuring Rina that she'll be okay.]]
* In Chapter 8, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-8-page-14 Tanica makes Aki cry]] when she [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-8-page-15 tries to get Aki to spend her spare time with her friends rather than "being nursemaid to a whiny tree".]] After talking to Sarin, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-8-page-20 Tanica apologizes, and after accepting her apology, Aki asks:]]
-->'''Aki:''' You said I should spend my time with my friends... do you count?\\
[''[[BeatPanel Cut to Tanica's image, eyes wide]]'']\\
'''Tanica''' [''smiling'']: I really think you could do better than me ... but sure, why not.
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* In Chapter 12, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-12-page-40 Mori's reunion with her long-thought dead parents.]]
* Chapter 13 has five in close succession:
** First, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-13-page-29 after Goro is healed from being burnt by Smith:]]
--->'''Goro:''' So, I owe you my life.\\
'''Tanica:''' You saved me first.\\
'''Goro:''' Tanica, when you save someone's life, you don't just save that person. You save all their loved ones from grief, you save everything they might do, and everyone they themselves might go on to save. You save a whole world when you save one person's life, so I hope you understand I mean it when I say "thank you" for saving mine.\\
'''Tanica:''' Oh... well, you're welcome.
** Second, after [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-13-page-31 the Dragon Doctors learn]] [[CastFromLifespan how Tanica kept Goro alive]], the way they [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-13-page-33 immediately set forth to try to save her life]] -- even though [[DeathSeeker Tanica can't understand why they would bother.]]
** Third, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-13-page-35 when the phoenix egg brings her back to life (in unexpectedly human form):]]
--->'''Goro:''' Her vitals are pretty good... Tanica, can you hear me?\\
'''Tanica''' [''sitting up abruptly'']: Waaah! Whuh! Aaah!\\
'''Goro:''' Easy! Take it easy!\\
'''Tanica:''' I was burning... am I in hell?\\
'''Goro:''' Not anymore.
** Fourth, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-13-page-39 when Blue explains why she's not sending Tanica to jail.]]
** Fifth, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-13-page-41-bw when Tanica finally accepts that the Dragon Doctors think of her as one of them]] and [[MeaningfulRename tells them her real name: Elka.]]

* In Chapter 17, we learn what Goro was doing [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-13-page-22 in the moments before she passed out unconscious at Tanica's roots:]] [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-17-page-20 writing Aki's name in the soil.]] Because she realized at that moment that [[NotAfraidToDie dying to prove she was a badass]] wasn't worth hurting [[WorthLivingFor the people who cared about her]].

* In Chapter 19, after a demon tries to destroy Mori by [[LaserGuidedAmnesia asking her questions while stealing her memory of the answers]], thereby leaving her an empty husk:
** ...[[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/the-end-page-12 she gets rescued by someone she helped, but never knew:]] [[FromBeyondTheFourthWall one of Speedball's Patreon donors.]]
--->'''Speedball:''' By now you should have figured out that the demon that Mori's fighting isn't her worst enemy. It's MINE.
** ...and then returns to fight the demon once more by ''[[RetCon making up]]'' [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/the-end-page-13 a whole history for herself]] [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-19-page-14 to replace what the demon stole]], and finally answering the ArmorPiercingQuestion that [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/the-end-page-08-bw the demon used to deliver its final blow:]] [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-19-page-15 "Why does Sarin love you?"]]

* In Chapter 20, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-20-page-37 a glimpse of Goro and Aki with their child, Hitomi.]]

* In Chapter 22, [[http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com/archives/comic/ch-22-page-04 the conversation between Greg and Kili after]] [[spoiler:Kili has been turned male]].