Heartwarming / The Dick Van Dyke Show

  • The ending of "The Night the Roof Fell In" when Rob and Laura make up.
  • The ending of "Who Owes Who What" is equal parts heartwarming and funny: Laura tells Rob that she'll "owe him" the kiss he wants. He ends up chasing her around the room while she stays just out of reach.
  • Rob's surprise birthday party.
  • The Reveal of "Bank Book 6565696". After Rob has been increasingly harassing Laura over having a separate bank account, she tearfully spills the secret — she was stashing extra money away so that, some years later, she could get Rob "a big important present"note , like her mother got her father on one of their later anniversaries. Rob, utterly ashamed of having been so hard on her, starts cracking jokes. Laura initially assumes he's making fun of her:
    Laura (moving in for the embrace): Oh, please try.
  • Buddy's Bar Mitzvah, even more so as it's one of the few times in the series where he's completely serious and sincere as he thanks his family, friends, and God for being there for him.
    • Earlier in the same episode, Sally lists Rob and Buddy as the two men she considers least likely to ever cheat on their wives.
  • "The Man from Emperor": Rob's old colleague Drew Patton, a Hugh Hefner-like magazine star, calls him to ask him to repeat an analogy he made earlier. With Laura (who had become increasingly worried about Rob "crumbling" under the pressure of being around beautiful women all day) standing by, Rob repeats the statement: that to some men, the constraints of marriage make it a prison, but to others, it's more like an amusement park that contains "everything fun in life." The producer then asks to speak to Laura.
    Drew Patton: You know how I said that Rob was either scared or lying or deadnote ?
    Laura: Yes?
    Drew Patton: Well, old Rob is none of those things.
    Laura: Oh? What is he?
    Drew Patton: He's sick! [hangs up]
    Laura: Did you hear that? He thinks that you're sick! Isn't that wonderful?
    They kiss.