* Just after ''Virgil'' has been dropped into the ocean, gliding down toward the faultline it's going to dive in, it ends up drawing a small pod of whales (due to technology resonating through the water). For a minute they follow ''Virgil'' deeper down, singing the entire way, and everyone present just listens to the hauntingly beautiful sounds. It's like they're aware of their mission in a way, and wishing them good luck.
* One of the good moments between Keyes and Zimsky (paraphrased):
-->'''Keyes:''' Zimsky... we're in a crystal geode, wrapped in cobalt, 700 miles beneath the crust of the Earth. *chuckles* [[{{Understatement}} Hell of a day]].\\
'''Zimsky:''' (slowly chuckling in return) Heh, so it is!
* At the end of the movie, Rat manages to upload profiles of the entire team that sacrificed so much [[spoiler: (and lost four members)]] to the internet, to spread their names in memory.