Heartwarming / The Color Purple

  • "See Daddy, sinners have soul too."
  • Celie's and Nettie's reunion, of course.
    • To say nothing of Celie finally meeting her now-adult children for the first time. Doubles as a Tear Jerker, for very obvious reasons.
  • Everything about Celie and Shug's relationship. Seeing someone normally so quiet and sad finally being shown the love that she deserves couldn't be anything else.
  • Three words: Miss Celie's Blues.
  • In the novel, Celie and Mister's reconciliation and eventual friendship, which culminates in Mister asking Celie to marry him again, "this time in spirit as well as in flesh" (she turns him down, but remains friends with him). From then on, her narration refers to him as "Albert", indicating that she has forgiven him.