Heartwarming / The Breakfast Club

  • Andrew, revealing why he's in detention, and tearfully telling the others the pressures his win-at-all-costs dad keeps pushing on him.
    And afterwards, when I was sittin' in Vernon's office, all I could think about was Larry's father. And Larry havin' to go home and... and explain what happened to him. And the humiliation... fucking humiliation he must've felt. It must've been unreal... I mean, I mean, how do you apologize for something like that? There's no way... It's all because of me and my old man. Oh God, I fucking HATE him! He's like this... he's like this mindless machine that I can't even relate to anymore. "Andrew, you've got to be number one! I won't tolerate any losers in this family. Your intentions are FOR SHIT! Win. Win! WIN!!!" You son of a bitch! You know, sometimes, I wish my knee would give... and I wouldn't be able to wrestle anymore. And he could forget all about me...
    • And Bender's response, his smartass way of saying how he can relate: "I think your old man and my old man should get together and go bowling."
  • The heart of the movie:
    Andrew: My God, are we gonna be like our parents?
    Claire: [teary] Not me...ever.
    Allison: It's unavoidable, it just happens.
    Claire: What happens?
    Allison: When you grow up, your heart dies...
    Bender: Who cares.
    Allison: I care.
    • The heartwarming part is that the five kids are now aware of what could happen to them, and by movie's end all five seem willing to defy that fate.
    • Plus the reassuring nod Bender gives Claire when she says she won't ever be like her parents was surprisingly touching.
  • When Andrew sees Allison after her makeover, he stares shocked at her and says, "You're just so different. I can see your face."
    Allison: *nervous* Is that good or bad?
    Andrew: *smiling* It's good. *she smiles too*
    • Before then, she looks to Brian and he smiles, she smiles back and silently thanks him. It's very sweet.
  • Claire assuring Brian that it's perfectly okay that he's still a virgin. After Bender makes fun of him for it, it's nice to see Claire offer him some sincere reassurance. The way they smile at each other is adorable.
  • Andy and Allison, of all people, defending Claire when Bender mocks her 'talent'.