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Heartwarming: The Book of the Dun Cow
  • Mundo Cani laughs during Chauntecleer's wedding to Pertelote, the only time that he is seen doing this in the whole book.
  • Pertelote comforting Chauntecleer after the fight with the Bssilisks, when he is upset by the carnage of the battle and the death of Nimbus the Deer.
  • Chauntecleer assuring Pertelote that he is not Cockatrice, and telling her that he doesn't want to become what she fears.
  • The Dun Cow resting with Chauntecleer when he is mourning the deaths of his children.
  • In The Book of Sorrows, Chauntecleer acknowledges Ebenezer Rat's death and his redemption through killing a Basilisk, not even speaking of him as an enemy.
  • Ferric Coyote wholeheartedly forgives Chauntecleer for the deaths of his family, even licking the wounds inflicted by his battle with the wolves, and all of the other animals that he drove away return to be with him in his final moments.
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