Heartwarming: The Blob

1958 version
  • Sweet, brave little Danny Martin.
    Danny: (catches Jane sneaking down the stairs) Hey! Where're you going?
    Jane: Shhh, come here, Danny, shhhhhh.
    Danny: Where are you going?
    Jane: I've got something very important to do, Danny, but it's got to be a secret.
    Danny: Will you be back pretty soon?
    Jane: Well I don't know.
    Danny: Aren't you afraid to go out by yourself?
    Jane: You're right, I guess I am, Danny.
    Danny: I'm not afraid, I'll guard you.
    Jane: Oh no, Danny, you've got a bigger job to do, I need you to guard Mommy and Daddy for me.
    • He's got another cute moment just after the sirens start to go off.
    Mrs. Martin: Henry, Danny's gone!
    Mr. Martin: What?
    Mrs. Martin: And Jane too! (Henry hangs up and meets her at the stairs)
    Mr. Martin: Well now calm down...
    Mrs. Martin: I looked in both their rooms, they're both gone!
    Mr. Martin: Are you sure?
    Mrs. Martin: Yes! Yes!
    Danny: Well maybe they're down here. (turns on the living room lights, Danny's asleep on the couch)
    Danny: Here's Danny!
    Mrs. Martin: Danny! What're you doing here?
    Danny: I'm... guarding you.
    Mrs. Martin: Guarding us? Guarding us against what, darling?
    Danny: I don't know.
    • He tried to save his big sister by taking on the Blob with nothing but a pop-gun!