Heartwarming: The Black Magician Trilogy

  • Dannyl realizing that he loves Tayend.
    • And at the end of The Traitor Queen, Dannyl realising that he still has feelings for Tayend, and they may work it out eventually.
  • Rothen's anguished declaration at Akkarin and Sonea's trial in The High Lord. It's also a Tear Jerker, because he's been suffering so long and doesn't stop Sonea being sent to Sachaka. But it's heartwarming because it shows just how much he loves Sonea, and his Papa Wolf side.
  • Dorrien and Sonea scheming to reveal Regin's lies, especially since he's the first real friend Sonea has made since arriving at the Guild.
  • Strangely enough, Sonea ending up with Regin. Despite the experiences of their youth, he's grown into a decent human being, and Sonea finally considers allowing herself to enjoy life, not be constrained by the rules against Black Magicians. It's also the first obvious time she's moved on since Akkarin, and provides a clear note to contrast the end of the first trilogy.
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