Heartwarming / The Artist

  • The scene where George has to keep redoing a scene because he keeps getting lost in Peppy's eyes.
  • When Peppy goes to visit George in the hospital, she looks at the one film reel that he saved during the fire, which was the outtake of him dancing with her.
  • George's dog rushing to save his life during the fire.
    • And frantically barking to discourage George from blowing his head off.
    • One of the crew members said that while Uggie did indeed pull on George's pant leg during that scene... He also went and tried to pull the gun out of his hand!
  • Uggie wearing a gold and diamond-studded tag on his collar? Cute, if a bit excessive. The announcement that it would be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to help less fortunate animals? D'awwww...
  • Jean DuJardin going straight for Uggie and swooping him up in his arms during their acceptance for the Oscar for Best Picture.
  • The finale when Peppy is able to show George that there is a place for him in sound films.
  • George, bankrupt and down on his luck, realises he hasn't paid his chauffeur Clifton in a year and tries to let him go:
    Clifton: But I don't want another job.
    • That, and his overall devotion to George is very touching.
    • And George's loyalty to Clifton as well. Unable to compensate him with money, he lets Clifton take the car as payment for his services.
  • The scene where it's revealed that the person who bought all of George's stuff was Peppy. George is a little freaked out when he discovers this though.
    • Well, the revelation that an old friend, small time actor turned big movie star, not only succeeded where you failed but also now owns your house, your old furniture, and has your old servants working for her could be considered a little unsettling. Granted, she was doing it out of kindness and respect, as opposed to a psychotic obsession... but still. In those times, a man getting "saved" by a woman was like the ultimate humiliation, even if not intended.
  • After the tragedy that was the fire at George's house, we get a rather sweet moment. Once George has been brought to safety, one civilian exclaims "Hey! That's George Valentin!" This is the first sign that George still has a place in the movie industry and shows that his audience hasn't forgotten him.