Heartwarming / The American President

  • During their dance at the state dinner, Sydney asks President Shephard how he could be so calm with everyone staring at him, wondering who that woman is and why is she dancing with him. His response?
    Shepherd: Well first of all the two hundred pairs of eyes are not focused on me, they're focused on you. And the answers are, Sydney Ellen Wade... because she said yes.
  • The ending. Just... the ending.
    Shepherd: Sydney? I didn't send 455 to the floor to get you back.
    Sydney: And I didn't come back because you sent 455 to the floor.
  • And the Brick Joke lands at last:
    Sydney: How did you do it? Manage to give a woman flowers and be President at the same time.
    Shepherd: Well, it turns out I've got a Rose Garden.
    [cue triumphant anthem as he strolls away and Sydney beams at him in stunned happiness]