Heartwarming / The Age of Dusk

  • Iacob, the "Last Good Man In The Galaxy" is at the head of a massive fleet of refugees when it is attacked by pirates. Upon capturing the queen of the fleet, he simply asks her why she did this. She tells him they have no choice. Iacob tells her that's not good enough and points out that the refugee fleet is made up of dozens of different races and, because the fleet is so large, they could have become an armada bigger than ever seen before. Just to prove his point Iacob lets the queen free and she escapes. Later, the same fleet reappears fully armed and seemingly ready to attack the refugee ships. The desperate admiral of the fleet readies himself for the end.... Only for the pirates to fall into formation with the refugees.
  • Ch 32- the remaining loyalists primarchs are united again.
  • Nemesor Zahndrek and Vargard Obyron's last exchange before their deaths. For context, Zahndrek is a Necron who is under the delusion that he is still fighting against the C'tan— essentially making him an old, senile, Shell-Shocked Veteran.
    Zahndrek: "Is this victory? Have we won at last?
    Obyron: "Yes, my Nemesor. Yes."