Heartwarming / That Mitchell and Webb Look

  • Series 4 episode 6 "The Quiz Broadcast" sketch.
    Let's stand together
    Are you there?
    • From an earlier Quiz Broadcast sketch, doubling as a Tearjerker "It's alright. I think he can go outside now".
      • Sheila's fine, Peter. Sheila's safe. ;_;
  • The Holmes sketch. Go on and admit it, you couldn't laugh at those jokes without feeling like a right bastard as it became more and more obvious how desperate Watson was to help Holmes, a man who's lived his life entirely devoted to his mental acuity, pretend he hadn't lost his wits to dementia. The thing wouldn't need much tweaking to be an entirely serious and heartbreaking character study.
  • The genuine friendship of Ted and Peter, the snooker commentators. Sure, they're alcoholic, passive-aggressive old fogeys, but they're still best pals. Ted even gets past his old homophobia (albeit not entirely successfully) to tell the newly out-of-the-closet Peter that he has 'loved' him as a brother. And both of them have helped snooker player Mark Deacon away from suicide...albeit with swingball.
  • At one point, Digby Chicken-Caesar meets a little girl in a princess costume who says she's the Queen of England and knights him with her candy floss. The respect Sir Digby shows to her is, weirdly, kind of sweet...until he ends up stabbing Ginger's hand with the candy floss stick.