Heartwarming / That Guy with the Glasses

  • During the Bum Review of The Dark Knight, the usually wacky and crazy Chester A. Bum is faced with the one movie that truly touched him, causing him to decide to reflect upon his purpose in life, and to encourage the viewer to do the same. However, the real Crowning Moment of Heartwarming is the very end in which he says the following, replacing his usual catch phrase:
    This is Chester A. Bum saying... *glances at his begging cup* ...You know what? Keep the change.
    • On the note of Chester A. Bum, on the Japanese video site NicoNico Douga, some of his videos are posted there. At the end of a typical video, when he asks for change, cue a bunch of Shift_JIS art of cute little Kirby-style hands scrolling across the video giving him various denominations of yen. Anywhere from simple ¥5 coins to ¥5000 bills.
      • Aww...the Japanese fans love Chester!
    • Also on the topic of The Bum, in his review of Toy Story 3, this troper started tearing up when he re-enacted Andy describing his toys to Bonnie as he gives them away.
  • Quite unexpectedly, the Donkey Kong episode of "Video Game Confessions" turns into one, when Donkey Kong claims to have disowned his gay son—only to come to his defense after Link nastily dumps him.
    "You still my son."
  • In the 31st episode of the Transmission Awesome podcast, Angry Joe introduces guest Benzaie (who he had known for only a few months at the time) as "my brother from another mother." Gawwww!
  • Dr. Insano, of all people, gets one at the end of the Street Fighter 2010 review when his attempt at creating an Eldritch Abomination instead results in a tiny, cute pink ball creature. At first he's despondent over this latest failure, but soon his new creation comes over and becomes his one true friend (and adopted "son").
    "Do you hear me, world? I love my pink freakish orb-shaped son!"
  • Well over a year, and this blog from Spoony still manages to bring tears to this lurker's eyes.
    "Final Fantasy VIII may suck, and you may suck for liking it, but Iím the captain of this suck-filled leaking failboat, and Iím not going to have some jerkoff movie critic whoís never cracked a Playerís Handbook in his life call my homies STUPID."
  • The charity drives. Anything from the charity drive. This troper loves watching the drives, cause they're so sweet!
  • The live December 5, 2009 donation drive video generated over 26 grand for charity.
    • With 3 grand coming from a single person. Angry Joe called him Jesus. His wallet died for our sins.
    • Joe's reactions to all the donations could qualify as this trope themselves, honestly.
      • The Live December 5th 2010 managed to break over 40 grand, complete with even more Joe blowing out everyone's speakers in gratitude.
      • They confirmed $50,000 for this year's total. They are encouraging everyone who donated to head to your local Ronald McDonald house, video yourself, and send it in, and they will include it.
      • In the Sum Up video, Doug is visibly moved by the generosity and just barely manages to contain his emotions on camera.
      • While we're on the subject of the 2010 Donation Drive... At one point during the live broadcast, a donating caller asked Spoony if he could mail him an autograph; Spoony, dog-tired and suffering from a raging headache (due to Joe's constant yelling) replied that if the caller wanted an autograph he could "go to the website and buy one". Afterwards (when he was in his right mind), he felt so bad about his Jerk Ass behavior that he contacted the man personally and apologized. And then sent him two autographed pictures for free.
      • At the end of the drive, the gang posed for a group picture. Right before the photo was snapped, Spoony (very) tiredly mumbled, "I love you Scarlett" to the camera...and Linkara immediately followed suit with "Love you, Liz." Awwww!
  • Benzaie's vlog for the Year 2 Anniversary. He clearly holds his coworkers in high regard, and repeatedly wishes he could spend more time with them in real life.
    • He even lists all of the producers who couldn't be there at the end.
    • After he missed his flight home, Linkara, Marzgurl, Doug and Rob trying to cheer him up. With hugs and ideas for shipping him to France in a box with airholes.
    • It continues in the Year 3 Anniversary vlog. The last shot before the credits is him back in France, staring sadly off into space.
  • According to Film Brain, it was JewWario's birthday during the Kickassia shoot, so the cast and crew had a birthday party for him. JewWario visited his message board on the main site that very day to thank the fans who had wished him a happy birthday. Because the special was being kept tight under wraps, he said only that "[i]t was a good birthday spent with some very good friends." Awww!
  • Many contributors from the site teamed up to make a birthday video for Angry Joe. Some were funny, but others were sweet, especially Sean. To make this even better: Joe's birthday was the day after he got back from E3 2010, and it was very clear that while he loved the show itself, everything else was hellish.
  • When Film Brain wrote his and Linkara's Spirit review, he decided to give him a complete geek-out by putting the Sonic Screwdriver into the plot and having Linkara recite Eleven's speech from The Time of Angels.
  • Jew Wario's second Mario Monologue had it's heartwarming moments, but his third was even more so. You can watch it here. Make sure to watch the entire way through, because there is a dedication after the Blistered Thumbs outro. It doubles as a Tear Jerker because, as revealed in a comment a few posts from the top, Jew Wario dedicated it to a friend who had died that week.
  • The existence of the entire site. Think about it. A bunch of people from all over the world, who probably would never have met without the internet. Many of them are good friends now. If you bash one on the forums, another will defend them. They appear in each other's videos all the time, as cameos if not full crossovers. They're nice to the fans who deserve it and give them opportunities to showcase their own talents in the blogs. The two big crossover events have brought people in from France, New Zealand and England, as well as all over the United States. Channel Awesome is like a gigantic, sort-of-messed-up family, and it all started with a few guys and gals getting together to give their opinions and make people laugh. (So I guess what I'm saying is thank you, YouTube, for being a dick and taking down the Five-Second Movies.)
    • This is especially true now, as at least one fan posted a heartfelt thank you message thanking the site and its reviewers for helping him/her to reduce their chronic depression disorder with simply laughter and entertainment.
    Rob: There was a girl who wrote that we helped her get over her depression when she was in college and...
    Doug: Yeah, those comments...
    Rob: We also got comments from the Chilean earthquake...
    Doug: Oh, yeah!
    Rob: ...that said, "Yeah, our town is rubble but your videos made us laugh and helped us get through it." I'm, like, *tugs on shirt* Jesus Christ!
    Egoraptor: How the hell am I suppose to follow that?
    • It gets better (well, for me it does anyway): two of them are going out now. Aww...
    • Nash and JesuOtaku did it before them, and were just as adorable (They've since broken up).
    • And now, Lupa and Phelous are a couple.
    • On November 5, 2012, Paw and Elisa officially became the first Channel Awesome couple to get engaged!
  • So, Linkara has his 100th episode. After a massively entertaining review of a Sonic comic, we cut to everybody from That Guy with the Glasses singing a part of Linkara's theme song. It really showed how much they love having Linkara on the site. It was such a little thing, but it actually brought tears to the eyes of this troper.
    • This troper recalls hearing LordKaT mention the crossover on his livestream when it was in the planning stages. LordKat said Linkara had just invited him to be in the video; when asked if he would do it, he replied, "Hell yeah, I'm doing it! It's fucking Linkara!" Crude? Yes. But also awesomely touching.
    • Moreover, Spoony admitted on the stream (after the video was released) that he'd received numerous requests for crossover appearances around that same time and turned them all down, because he was already overworked and behind schedule with his reviews (due to recent health issues). However, he still agreed to appear on Linkara's show, and only Linkara's show. That in itself speaks volumes for the friendship between the two men, as well as the professional respect that Spoony has for Linkara.
  • From the Treehouse's POV, the fact that they've not just approved of the fanfic, but seem to really enjoy it as well. For a long while, we thought we would be hated for writing Slash Fic about internet celebrities, so hearing them reading fics and having a great time is appreciated more than they know.
  • This. When the TGWTG gang go to cons, heartwarming-s will be had.
    • The fan in that picture admitted that she was incredibly nervous at the prospect of meeting Doug...but that all of her fears dissolved at that moment.
  • While LordKaT is no longer a member of TGWTG, his livestream chat was (for several years) a "watering hole" of sorts for himself and his former co-workers. Members from all corners of the site joined in his call, sometimes talking into the wee hours of the morning. In listening to their conversations, this troper bore witness to more crowning moments of hilarity and heartwarming than could possibly be listed on this page. For the sake of posterity, however, the following examples come to mind:
    • Linkara and Spoony chatting into the wee hours of the morning about filming woes and their mutual love for Mystery Science Theater 3000 (as teens, they both wanted to make their own MST3K-inspired shows!) as if they were old childhood friends.
      • And that despite being tired, Noah wanted nothing more than to stay in the call with Linkara because, as he put it, "I don't ever get a chance to just talk to you." Aw.
    • LordKat steadfastedly defending his friends against bullies and detractors, to the point of perma-banning such individuals from the stream. It doesn't matter who you are: you do not talk trash about LordKat's friends on his stream, period.
    • In the wake of MAGFest 9, folks from TGWTG and Busy Street—a (now defunct) site created primarily to criticize and troll fans of TGWTG— tagteamed to report on the insanity that went down at the con, verifying each other's stories when people in the chat didn't believe them.
      • One Busy Street regular met Scarlett (who he'd previously criticized for being Hollywood Pudgy) in person and admitted that yes, she actually is hot. From that time on, he defended her every time one of his fellow pedestrians called her "fat".
    • When LordKaT announced that his father had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, the majority of the site's contributors jumped to offer their condolences and support on Twitter.
    • After personal friction between LordKaT and Spoony led to the deterioration of their friendship (culminating in Jason denouncing Noah on the livestream and permanently banning him from the chat), LK posted a letter of apology to his listeners, admitting that was out of line and had no right take out his feelings on the fan community.
  • Much of what's said about LordKat's livestream also applies to JewWario's weekly live chats. It's a rare occasion when fellow members of TGWTG don't show up in the call (and it is "members", because there's never only one). It's also guaranteed that there will be at least one heartwarming moment in every chat. They don't call Justin the "Mr. Rogers of TGWTG" for nothing.
  • The site's collective reaction to the gay marriage bill being passed in New York. They're all so happy!
  • The weather was problematic during the Suburban Knights shoot, so much so that Doug was seriously considering cancelling the shoot. The collective response from the cast and crew was "We're doing this." Later, during the wrap party, Doug thanked the lot of them because he couldn't have gotten through it without them.
    • Holly said on Twitter that while he was thanking her, she was trying her best not to cry. And you can also hear Doug himself just barely managing to keep his emotions under control.
    • JewWario once described for his livestream audience what it's really like behind the scenes at the anniversary specials: the First Year, "no one knew each other", there was "tension", and they were "just feeling it out". The Second Year, "people knew each other better, but we still weren't entirely comfortable... [p]eople were hanging out in little cliques." The Third Year, however, "everyone hung out with everyone else. Everyone talked to everyone else. We were like a family."
  • Kinley Mochrie's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One review. She tells us that she doesn't read much and that it's something she's ashamed of. Just watch it. The fact that she's being open and vulnerable ON THE INTERNET which can be a real bear pit — that takes balls.
  • You can only really know about it if you watch con videos, commentaries and behind the scenes stuff, but the people who talk to Doug the most (Lindsay, Noah, Lewis etc.) are really trying to get him out the habit of apologizing for everything.
  • So Marzgurl has been having a crappy time as of late, with time spent in the hospital and other fun things. This culminated with her being shipped the wrong part for her dying laptop. Linkara's response? He asked his twitter followers to donate a dollar if they could so Marz could get a laptop THAT DAY. They succeeded within a couple of hours and she got it that day— along with loads of well-wishes and love. All of the d'aawww.
  • The outpouring of love and support from the site and its fans following the suicide of Justin Carmical was nothing short of beautiful.
    • Several fans started a fundraiser to buy Kitty Marie (Justin's biggest fan and close personal friend) a plane ticket so she could attend the funeral in Colorado. Upon hearing the news, Kitty immediately announced that she would be donating all the proceeds to Justin's family instead.
      • The set goal of the fundraiser was $850; the grand total was $13,835. With $1000 coming from a single fan.
    • A number of Justin's viewers and coworkers also added a yellow hat ribbon to their Twitter profile pics in his honor.
    • The review of the Dr Strange TV pilot that he made with Nash, Linkara and Film Brain before his suicide, but was released after his death. Although it had a number of Funny Aneurysm Moments in light of his death, at the end he tells the other reviewers that he was happy that he could have fun riffing on something with his friends before walking out. It's not hard to see some Reality Subtext of Justin symbolically bidding his fans and friends farewell.
  • The Omega's reviews of classic 80s children's shows and the impact they had on her childhood. The first episode, about Mr. Hooper, is full of both this and Tear Jerker.