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Heartwarming: Thanos
  • Even one such as I can have a Moment of Weakness (what you Terrans call "Heartwarming"). When, as a child, my apprentice Gamora sacrificed her holiday gift (an infant doll), to distract a would-be assassin long enough for me to incinerate him, I repaid her by taking her to a nearby lagoon that day so that she could watch the dolphins.
  • I could not bear to witness Captain Mar-vell, one of my most persistent and courageous adversaries, die miserable and depleted from cancer. A death for such a Worthy Opponent should be earned. Deciding that his end should be something grander, I engaged his spirit in one last battle in the realm of Death. During this time, I seemingly gave him back his costume and restored him to full health, all because I had the utmost respect for him.
  • When I first wore the completed infinity gauntlet, I learned to my horror that I had surpassed even dear lady Death. I then shed a single tear while lamenting that what I desired was her love, not mere blind subservience. For me it was a moment described by you Terrans as a 'Tearjerker', however, it also showed the purity of my passion towards my one true love.
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