Heartwarming / Test Of Humanity

  • Test of Humanity, a Portal 2 fanfic about GLaDOS turning Wheatley into a human For Science! has been full of these and Crowning Moments of Funny since about the middle, but this troper's favorite has to be the end of Chapter Seventeen. Four Words:

  • Wheatley confessing to Chell that he loves her is downright touching.
    "P-Please...Chell...Y-You have to believe me. I-I'm sorry...I'm sorry for everything I did." Wheatley cried, "I-I'm not...I'm not just saying that because what I did was horrible, and it was. B-But because...I...I...I love you."

  • At one point in the fic, Wheatley goes to see 2001: A Space Odyssey with Chell and the roomates. However, seeing the scene with HAL causes Wheatley to leave the theater; Chell finds him sobbing in a bathroom, and he tells her that he saw himself when he watched HAL and how it reminded him of how evil he was back when he took over Aperture. Chell's reaction? She hugs him and lets him cry on her shoulder.