Heartwarming / Tenkai Knights

  • Near the end of episode 2, Ceylan arrives on Quarton to help Guren despite claiming all episode that he would never go back there because he doesn't wish to get himself killed. Needless to say, Guren is very relieved to see him.
    Ceylan: I have no idea what the heck I'm doing here...
  • The penultimate moment of the episode, "The Power Of Four" where Ceylan believes that the gang of four's inability to perform teamwork is due to the knowledge he and his father are going to move away; thankfully, fortune smiles upon them all.
    Ceylan: It took me leaving to realize...
    Guren: Go on, Ceylan, what is it?
    Ceylan: You guys are totally the best friends I've ever had!
    A.I.: Tenkai synch has been achieved. Commencing Robofusion sequence.
  • In episode 8, "Chooki's Mojo". Chooki who's always been good at sports, school, and, well... everything gets himself jinxed and becomes clumsy and unable to do, well, anything! Feeling like a liability he tells the others he's going to bench himself for a while. So Toxsa offers him a lucky charm that's been in his family for years. Chooki is so moved by the gift that he happily volunteers to travel back to Quarton, while there Chooki not only overcomes his bad luck streak, he even manages to unlock his Titan Mode.
  • In episode 9, "Valley of Secrets". Commander Beag and some of his men while trying to help the Tenkai Knights and fall into the Valley of Secrets, the boys feel awful and decide to mount a rescue mission despite the risks. When they finally do find Beag it looks like they're going to lose him again when he and his men fall down the chasm once more. Again Beag and his men prove willing to sacrifice themselves. Thankfully Guren and the others manage to catch them and they all develop a new Robofusion and escape the valley alive.
  • In episode 10, Toxsa finally acquires titan mode only when he swallows his pride and admits to the others that he does need help sometimes. This, combined with his desire to protect everyone from the newest Elite Mook is enough to initiate titan mode.
  • Guren and Beni in "Tenkai Rouge". Sure she was just playing the roll of clueless girl to find out all she could about Guren, and anyone who's remotely savvy could tell what Guren was going to repair her old shoes and return them to her. There time together on screen was still surprisingly adorable to watch.
  • Ceylan spends most of episode 16 "Oh No, I Didn't" suffering from self-doubt. He asks Guren what skills he brings to the team, Guren can't think of what to say and Ceylan decides to quit the team. When the boys get the call to go to Quarton, Guren tells him just what he brings to the team.
    Guren: I figured out what you bring to the team, and it's more than your jokes, hilarious though they maybe. It's everything, that's what your bring. It's all of us, cause we're not a team without you buddy.
  • After trying to stop Toxsa from running off by locking him in a shed, near the end of episode 19. Wakamei gives in and humors Toxsa by pretending she doesn't know his secret identity as a Tenkai Knight.
    • Little Toxsa in Wakamei's flashback is totally adorable.
  • Watching Toxsa befriending a stray cat in episode 23.
  • Near the end of episode 26, the guardians Zephyrus and Notus (who hadn't done much in the series yet) not only arrive to help the Tenkai Knights. During the fighting they apologize to the Tenkai Dragon.
  • "There's no I in Team" has two:
    • When the guys get called to Quarton, Ceylan tells Guren to go to the soccer game with his dad instead. The way he tells him is just very friendly.
    • After Guren goes to Quarton anyway and saves the day, he comes back to the stadium to find he missed the soccer game. But his dad is standing outside and greets him anyway, and they play an impromptu soccer game.
  • Everyone including Gen finally getting the chance to enjoy the barbecue near the end of episode 45.
  • Near the end of episode 46, when Beag selflessly threw himself in front of Guren/Bravenwolf to protect him from Slyger's sneak attack.
  • All four Knights rushing to shield Dromus from the corrupted Zephyrus and Notus near the end of episode 49, "A New Element".
  • In episode 50, Gen has completed his Heel–Face Turn and is completely comfortable being friends with Guren and the other boy's. He's even loosened his collar to show his face better.
  • The third ending song, "Denstsu no Flare" shows some scenes of the boys having fun together and ends with a group image of them including Gen.