Heartwarming / Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar

  • Maria's relationship with Yukine. Maria, a royal princess, treats Yukine, her handmaiden, more like an older sister than a servant. While Maria may have some ulterior motives for trying to get Yukine together with Kenshi, she does genuinely care for her. Contrast this with Lashara openly treating Kenshi like a slave, forcing him to do whatever task she can profit from.
  • Episode 4, which involves Chiaia fixing Kenshi's pendant after she snapped the chain. Chiaia, who had spent the entire series so far as Kenshi's merciless taskmaster, felt so bad over accidentally breaking something of his that she went to the best jewelers in the Holy Land to see if it could be fixed. In the end she handmakes a chord from red thread that Kenshi likes. Chiaia feels genuine joy over this, at least until Mahya explains what that particular thread symbolizes...
  • All of episode 6 that features the adorable Ceres and Hazuki. It was also nice to see Kenshi agree to keep Ceres and Hazuki's relationship secret, and later arrange for the pair to escape together.