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Heartwarming: Tenchi Muyo!
  • Despite having awful tan lines, Kiyone gets plenty of cheers from the crowd when she's on display for a beauty contest. For a character that has to put up with Mihoshi and is kind of a Chew Toy, it's nice to see her get something good. There are even tears in her eyes.
  • Ayeka and Sasami in Episode 9. No matter Sasami's 'secret', her sister loves her.
  • Ryoko holding back in her fight with Kagato because she didn't want to accidentally hurt Ayeka, and Ayeka using her power to protect Ryoko for a moment. It goes to show that despite how much they fight and get on each others nerves deep down they are friends.
  • Episode 3 has the recently-born Ryo-Ohki's attempts to cheer up Ayeka when she's homesick for Jurai. Especially so after Ryo-Ohki is Ryoko's spaceship reborn, and initially had little reason to like her. Only when the cabbit gave her a flower when she was upset did Ayeka start to warm to her. Also, her burgeoning affection for Tenchi: The two didn't meet on favorable terms initially, especially after a misunderstanding when Ryoko was intentionally yanking her chain by telling her that Ryo-Ohki's egg was actually her and Tenchi's love child. Though when Ayeka sprains her leg, Tenchi helps her find out what became of her missing half-brother and fiancee, Yosho. Convinced he's still alive, Ayeka apologizes to Tenchi for how she acted earlier and returns Yosho's sword to him - especially important since she held it since her introduction episode in the hopes of finding him, and giving it back to Tenchi shows the trust she now has of him.
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