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Heartwarming: TOUHOU
  • In Bad Ending #1 on Story of Eastern Wonderland, Reimu is feeling down because she wasn't strong enough. Cue Marisa—enemy only a little bit ago!—show up to try to make her feel better.
  • A meta example. A group of people from famous Touhou remix circles joined together to create this in celebration of ZUN's wedding.
  • Kokoro's ending in Hopeless Masquerade. After learning of emotions through battle, she takes up performing Noh at the Hakurei Shrine. This gives her identity through purpose, and at the end, she even smiles for the very first time. It also throws Reimu a bone by finally getting her visitors and profits.
  • In the final chapter of Oriental Sacred Place, Reimu finally discovers the Three Fairies' hiding place...and decides to befriend them. After years of pulling pranks on Reimu and Marisa and getting chased away by them, the Fairies realize they'd rather live together as friends than as enemies.
  • In Forbidden Scrollery more of Sukuna Shinmyoumaru's home life in the Hakurei Shrine is revealed. Rather than living in just a bird cage she has a fully decorated suite to live in. Sukuna is actually pretty grateful to have Reimu her former enemy protecting her, to the point she makes a matching (in size as well) kimono for her. Reimu in turn wears it as an acessory in her bonnet rather than throw it away. This is when it's known that as an inching without the power of the miracle mallet she is actually pretty helpless. It says alot about how Reimu really is a good person even towards non humans, that she is willing to let one live with her.
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