Heartwarming / Supernanny

  • When Jo helps any family on this show, their lives are inevitably changed for the better, and we the audience even get to see future checkups on the family in question!
  • The An-Duan family's dad works extremely long hours before Jo gets involved. Because of this, his kids are thrilled to see him when he does come home. Granted, they're hyped up and treating Dad like a human jungle gym, in Jo's words. That said, it's kind of adorable to watch.
  • The Merrill family has adopted all four of their kids. Two of those children come from Ghana and are terrified of the dark because there, militants come through, round up people, and set fire to their homes at night. Jo tackles this issue using a modified Stay in Bed technique, which involves using soft lights to make the bedroom calm and secure, and reassuring the children they are safe.
  • Jo encourages parents to praise their children often; it's heartwarming to see them learn to do this, especially if they've been hard on their kids in the past.