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Heartwarming / Supergirl


  • The Matrix Supergirl proves her heroism by sacrificing herself for the "Incorrigible" Linda Danvers. What is an incorrigible? It is a person who God himself says has no hope of redemption (but, given Peter David's religious beliefs, turn out to have "outs" even for them). Matrix, by sacrificing herself, proves capable of inspiring Linda to become a hero in Matrix's place. This is doubly poignant because the Matrix Supergirl has always struggled with her What Measure Is a Human? status.
  • It is blatantly implied the angelic being who visited Linda Danvers at one point, claiming to be her guardian angel, was in fact the original Supergirl, the Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El. Keep in mind that Many Happy Returns had Linda actually meet Kara chronologically before she arrived on the Pre-Crisis Earth-One. The story arc had a very Bittersweet Ending when Linda was forced to send Kara back to what would be her eventual death during the Crisis, but the implications that this Kara had been watching over Linda all her life shows that Kara never held it against Linda over what happened. Even as someone who no one remembered and never existed in this universe, Kara is still finding ways to be a hero.
  • The Linda Danvers Supergirl journeys back to the Pre-Crisis DC continuity in order to prevent the Kara Zor-El Supergirl from dying in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. She meets the Pre-Crisis Superman and tries to Blatant Lies give an excuse for where she's from (which is Kara's Pre-Crisis origin). Superman pretends to buy it only to eventually accept her over the course of a number of years before falling in love. Given Lois Lane was written as not the capable and formidable woman she would be in the Golden and Modern continuities, this Superman falls for Linda and they agree to marry. Eventually, they have a child and Linda is willing to die because she's had a good life.
  • Showing just how far she's come and calling out her mother on her torture of Reactron at the end of New Krypton. Keep in mind that Reactron had killed her father and tried to rape and torture her and her friends, but Kara still stands up for the idea that torturing him is wrong.

New 52:

  • After the Downer Ending of issue 23, issue 24 ends on a happy note. Supergirl's body is restored, her kryptonite poisoning is removed, the entire collective of I'noxia is safe from Brainiac, and they escape Cyborg Superman's grasp. The collective thanks Supergirl for sharing her memories with them and remind her that her familiy's love is why she's alive. Before they part ways, they tell her to find happiness, because the search for it will truly lead her home.
  • Issue 33 is a big one. After almost sacrificing herself to stop the World Killer (she's come a long way from the girl who thought Earth was just "a ball of sweat and mud") and finally getting off the Red Lantern ring, Kara's mind is finally clear of all the rage and angst that's plagued her since the New 52 started. She realizes that there may be a place for her on Earth after all, and she goes back to start over.
  • Power Girl, her adult self from an Alternate Universe, saving her life and then bonding with her. Usually, when two superheroes meet, there's a slugfest, but Kara and Kara touch and are immediately assaulted with each others' memories. There's a bit of teasing ("You don't think that outfit is a little too revealing?"/"I got it out of your closet!"), but they end up liking and admiring each other so much. It's especially sweet because Power Girl was earlier shown going out of her way to avoid Supergirl, not wanting to cause some kind of paradoxical explosion.

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