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Action Comics vol 2 #52: "It means there's a huge responsibility I need you to consider taking over for me."

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  • In Action Comics 252, Supergirl and Superman hug each other after discovering they are cousins. After all, they aren't alone.
  • A lot of Streaky the Supercat's adventures are just plain adorable. A splash panel showed him saving baby chicks from an eagle, and another outing had him rescue ordinary cats from a dog.
  • Action Comics #270: In the first story, Superman dreams he is stuck in the future world, in which Supergirl -now Superwoman- is the world's greatest hero and he is a decrepit, powerless has-been. Although he feels frustrated about being forgotten or treated as a silly old glory, he is happy about her cousin having acclaim and praise. In the Supergirl chapter, Linda turns sixteen, and Superman, Batman, Robin and several more friends throw a surprise party. And her cousin bakes a giant birthday cake!
  • In Action Comics #308, Kara takes care of a missing little girl for a while she seeks her parents out. The little kid -named Candy- called her mommy, too.
    Candy: Nice lady give Candy horsie-ride just like my mommy! Me call you "Mommy", too!
  • In Action Comics #310, Zor-El and Alura In-Ze have returned and Kara fears she'll have to choose between her biological parents and her foster ones... and then Zor and Alura reveal that they don't want to force her to choose. They will be her Kandorian parents and the Danvers her Earth parents. Feeling moved, Kara hugs her mother.
  • In Action Comics 360 Superman finally reveals his cousin's existence to the world and announces that she's his partner from that day on. Kara is overjoyed. And to top it all off, her foster mother thinks of how much Linda means to her and her husband:
    Edna Danvers: (thinking) To others, she's the world's greatest heroine, but she's more than that to us! She's the daughter we dearly love!
  • Pre-Crisis Supergirl died during the Crisis and her existence was forgotten when the universe rebooted itself. Post-Crisis Superman didn't even know he had a cousin until a new Kara Zor-El was introduced in Superman/Batman, almost twenty years later. However, after the events of Convergence, post-Crisis Superman knows of his pre-Crisis cousin and he helped to avert her death.
  • In Convergence: Adventures of Superman #1, Earth-1 Superman goes on about how highly he thinks of his cousin and how much Kara means to him:
    Superman: It's why I'm always in awe of you.
    Supergirl: Me? You're joking.
    Superman:No. Really. I act as a deterrent to those who do bad. I react to events after they happen and try to fix them. But you don't wait. You're always thinking of ways to use your powers to help others before they even know they need help. And you bring caring and wamrth everywhere you go. I've never quite said this before, but for most of my life, I thought I was alone in the universe. You came to Earth and your optimism and cheer helped me through the times when it looked like the bad guys could win. You've not only touched my life, but everyone else's. And we're all so much better because you're here.
    Supergirl: I don't know what to say —


  • The Matrix Supergirl proves her heroism by sacrificing herself for the "Incorrigible" Linda Danvers. What is an incorrigible? It is a person who God himself says has no hope of redemption (but, given Peter David's religious beliefs, turn out to have "outs" even for them). Matrix, by sacrificing herself, proves capable of inspiring Linda to become a hero in Matrix's place. This is doubly poignant because the Matrix Supergirl has always struggled with her What Measure Is a Human? status.
  • It is blatantly implied the angelic being who visited Linda Danvers at one point, claiming to be her guardian angel, was in fact the original Supergirl, the Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El. Keep in mind that Many Happy Returns had Linda actually meet Kara chronologically before she arrived on the Pre-Crisis Earth-One. The story arc had a very Bittersweet Ending when Linda was forced to send Kara back to what would be her eventual death during the Crisis, but the implications that this Kara had been watching over Linda all her life shows that Kara never held it against Linda over what happened. Even as someone who no one remembered and never existed in this universe, Kara is still finding ways to be a hero.
  • The Linda Danvers Supergirl journeys back to the Pre-Crisis DC continuity in order to prevent the Kara Zor-El Supergirl from dying in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. She meets the Pre-Crisis Superman and tries to Blatant Lies give an excuse for where she's from (which is Kara's Pre-Crisis origin). Superman pretends to buy it only to eventually accept her over the course of a number of years before falling in love. Given Lois Lane was written as not the capable and formidable woman she would be in the Golden and Modern continuities, this Superman falls for Linda and they agree to marry. Eventually, they have a child and Linda is willing to die because she's had a good life.
  • In Supergirl vol. #5 issue #22, Kara thinks her cousin is about to lecture her after her latest mess-up, and she interrupts him to remind him he isn't her father, she's trying to learn to be better, and she doesn't need his validation. And then Superman cuts her off to say "I know." He agrees that she doesn't need his approval, she isn't in his shadow and she's learning from her mistakes and becoming a better hero and person. Summarized here.
  • In the DC Universe Holiday Special 2008: A Day Without Sirens, a "Day Without Sirens" is proposed right before Christmas. Commissioner Gordon believes such an initiative is doomed to failure. The criminals of Gotham would never heed such a calling. However, the day proceeds without police sirens. It turns out that Oracle and Supergirl handled covertly all emergency calls during that day.
    Oracle: Just rest easy knowing you did something special today.
    Supergirl: You really think so? Do you think this one day is going to make a difference?
    Oracle: I know so. Never discount the healing power of a little hope, Kara.
  • In Action Comics #850, Supergirl has to take over her cousin's body to save his life. Before leaving, she uses her heat vision to write on the wall: "Hang in there, big guy. You're not in this alone."
  • In Action Comics #867 -part of the Superman: Brainiac storyline- Kara glomps Clark while she tells him she is terrified of Brainiac. He hugged her back to reassure her.
  • Showing just how far she's come and calling out her mother on her torture of Reactron at the end of New Krypton. Keep in mind that Reactron had killed her father and tried to rape and torture her and her friends, but Kara still stands up for the idea that torturing him is wrong.
  • In Superman/Batman Annual #5 -during the Reing of Doomsday arc-, a computerized Dr. Fate tells Kara that she is suffering from survivor guilt after losing her parents and Krypton over again and she shouldn't let guilt kill her and she has to forgive herself.

New 52:

  • After the Downer Ending of issue 23, issue 24 ends on a happy note. Supergirl's body is restored, her kryptonite poisoning is removed, the entire collective of I'noxia is safe from Brainiac, and they escape Cyborg Superman's grasp. The collective thanks Supergirl for sharing her memories with them and remind her that her familiy's love is why she's alive. Before they part ways, they tell her to find happiness, because the search for it will truly lead her home.
  • Issue 33 is a big one. After almost sacrificing herself to stop the World Killer (she's come a long way from the girl who thought Earth was just "a ball of sweat and mud") and finally getting off the Red Lantern ring, Kara's mind is finally clear of all the rage and angst that's plagued her since the New 52 started. She realizes that there may be a place for her on Earth after all, and she goes back to start over.
  • Power Girl, her adult self from an Alternate Universe, saving her life and then bonding with her. Usually, when two superheroes meet, there's a slugfest, but Kara and Kara touch and are immediately assaulted with each others' memories. There's a bit of teasing ("You don't think that outfit is a little too revealing?"/"I got it out of your closet!"), but they end up liking and admiring each other so much. It's especially sweet because Power Girl was earlier shown going out of her way to avoid Supergirl, not wanting to cause some kind of paradoxical explosion.