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Heartwarming: Stuart Little
  • In the first movie Snowbell starts out very antagonistic toward Stuart, even going so far as to align himself with some alley cats in an attempt to assassinate him! However, once he's cornered the kid his proves to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. When both are cornered by the alley cats, he ultimately refuse to eat Stuart — or to let the rest of them do it...even if he tries to hide it.
    Stuart: Snowbell... you saved me?
    Snowbell: Now let's get one thing straight — I'm doing this for the Littles. They love you. George loves you. They're all miserable without you.
    Stuart: But Snowbell, what about what you said—
    Snowbell: I know what I said! I—I lied, okay? Welcome to Manhattan. I'm the one that hates you.
    Stuart: Aw, Snowbell, you do care! (Hugs his leg)
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