Heartwarming / Street Fighter IV

  • Gouken's return to Ken and Ryu. In the original Street Fighter IV, Gouken risks his life after having just awoken from a ten year coma in a battle with Akuma, for the chance to seal away the Killing Intent within an unconscious Ryu. Then he disappears before Ryu awakens. Later, He appears on a cliff, looking down at Ken and Ryu, resolving to test their strength and see how they have grown as men. When he catches up with them, they beg him to stay with them for awhile, only for him to tell them that they have grown and no longer need a master to take care of them.
  • Guy's continued concern for his best friend Cody, even after all that's happened between them and how Cody has changed.
  • Dhalsim's ending in Super SFIV.
    "I know that evil will never truly be vanquished from this earth, and sometimes seems an endless gaping void, but still... I retain my hope in humanity. For the goodness in mankind's heart is also endless."
  • Sakura's rival battle with Ryu in IV, between Ryu acknowledging her as a capable fighter and Sakura's theme playing throughout, it's a wonderful experience.
    • Both of her endings, too. In IV, Ryu shields Sakura from BLECE before destroying it, then she helps him walk out of the S.I.N base. In the second part of her SuperIV one, as she's jogging underneath a local bridge with her Akita dog... she sees Ryu walking towards her, and she runs to him in joy.
  • In Super Street Fighter IV, Rose informs T. Hawk that Juli(a) is but a former shell of herself. We then learn that she has lost her memories, her ability to speak, and even her emotions (once more to boot). Her caretakers note that in spite of this, she still has hope. Cue T. Hawk treading through the rain to greet the older Julia, as she wistfully looks out the window.
    • The fact that more than one cast member in the side of good acknowledges Hawk's Undying Loyalty to Juli(a) and encourages him to keep it up is sweet, in a sense.
    • Double when it's Cody. Cody, of all people.
      "Donīt let me stand in your way if you've got stuff to do. Good luck!"
  • And we also have Cammy's nurturing of Juni in Super Street Fighter IV. Alongside her "friendship" with a Cute Kitten.
  • Not to mention Ken's ending, featuring Eliza and their newborn child, Mel.
  • Crimson Viper's ending, which includes her saying hi to her adorable daughter Lauren.
  • In the Udon Street Fighter IV comic, El Fuerte and Rufus end up on a Ninja Warrior-like show along with Sakura and Dan. Sakura talks with Fuerte and finds out that he's a big fan of Rainbow Mika. When Crimson Viper shows up to kidnap Sakura, Fuerte leaps to her defense. A few months after the incident, Sakura and her family show up at his restaurant in Mexico... and bring Mika along with them.
  • Sagat's SSF 4 ending, where he meets up with a group of Thai children and shows them kindness. It's really adorable to see the giant Sagat holding a little girl's hand as they walk peacefully through the rice fields with another kid and the local elder. Then it's subverted when we see it from Adon's POV in his own ending sequence: while the scene is still a sweet one for the viewers and Sagat himself, Adon is far more cynical and sees it as the proof that Sagat has grown way too soft.
  • Abel's SSFIV ending. Just... Abel's ending
    Abel [as he's welcomed by his puppy ]: "...I'm so glad to be back home."
  • After winning the rival battle against him in Ultra, Rolento offers Cody a chance to join his army and turn his life around. Rolento is no saint, but he's shown to be a competent and respected leader. Him reaching out to Cody is very telling of how much he respects his former enemy.
  • Elena's arcade ending in Ultra is one long heartwarming moment. She thinks back to all the wonderful friends she's made, especially Sakura. This also includes dancing with Blanka, trying El Fuerte's cooking, having tea with Dudley, and glomping and taking a selfie with Akuma! Elena might be idealistic, but few people can get that demonic scowl off of Akuma's face.
  • With the voices set to Japanese, if Ryu uses an Ultra Combo in his rival fight with Sagat, he calls Sagat "nii-san" ("Older Brother"). It reinforces that the animosity that fueled their relationship in II and Alpha is completely gone, and the two are good friends now.
  • In SSFIV, Ibuki's win quote against Blanka in Arcade Mode. She tells him that he looks cute with his fangs. When you remember Blanka's insecurities about looking like a beast, one bets that would mean a lot to him.