Heartwarming: Stephen Hawking

  • When Hawking visited the set of The Next Generation, one of his requests was to be placed in the captain's seat. It was fulfilled.
  • When he got to float around in zero-gravity.
  • It was reported that at a screening for The Theory of Everything, a film based on his struggles as well as his relationship with Jane Wilde Hawking, once the film ended, a nurse wiped a tear from Hawking's cheek.
  • Related to the above, he was moved enough by the film to let them use his real voice synthesizer instead of the crude recreation the production team put together.
  • His answer to a young girl's question about Zayn leaving One Direction. Not only does he treat the question with good humor, he encourages both the girl who asked the question and other girls to pursue theoretical physics in the hope that, maybe, one of them discovers a new alternate universe where Zayn is still with them.
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