Heartwarming: Steins;Gate

  • Many interactions between Okabe and Kurisu in the second half of the TV series, particularly:
    • In episode 14, when Kurisu makes a Mad Scientist impersonation (complete with Insane Laugh) in order to cheer Okabe up.
    • In episode 22, the whole scene where Okabe declares his love for Kurisu.
    • When Okabe sees the D-mail from his future self. Hearing that all the heartache and sacrifice that time travel put them all through is what opened the path to the Stein's Gate timeline. "It all meant something," indeed.
    • In episode 23, when Okabe meets Kurisu again after thinking he had lost her forever. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
  • From episode 24, Okabe giving Moeka a lab member badge, despite what she had done in several alternate world lines.
  • From The Movie:
    • About half of Kurisu and Okabe's interactions at the barbecue party. She missed him! He got her a present, too!
    • The name of future-Kurisu's time machine.
    • All the lab mems recalling Okabe despite not really remembering who he is. Special mention goes to Mayuri, who says that saying Okarin makes her feel warm inside.
    • Kurisu finally succeeding in bringing Okabe back to the Steins Gate world line.
  • From the visual novel, Ruka's ending. Okabe gives up trying to save Mayuri but in order to give Mayuri some happiness before she dies, he sends Ruka back in time a few days so she can cosplay for Mayuri. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Suzuha's ending, where she wants Okabe to accompany her to 1975 so she doesn't fail in her mission and hang herself, even though they may both lose their memories once they get there and they cannot return to 2010. He does.