Heartwarming / Steins;Gate

Visual Novel Only

  • Mayuri's ending. She tells Okabe that she feels like she had a very important friend but can't remember who it is, and hears this friend's voice telling her to "find happiness" (implied to be Kurisu).
    • Okabe begging her not to leave him in both worlds, and her promising that she never will.
  • Luka's ending. Okabe gives up trying to save Mayuri but in order to give Mayuri some happiness before she dies, he sends Luka back in time a few days so she can cosplay for Mayuri. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    • The post-credits CG image.
    • During that arc, regardless of the ending, Okabe agrees to date Luka for the few days they have. On the first attempt, Luka is left in tears but gives Okabe the phone number he needed. Not satisfied with that conclusion, he time leaps back to that morning, applies Be Yourself, and is able to give Luka a fun day to leave her smiling before he sends the D-mail to turn her back into a guy.
  • Suzuha's ending, where she wants Okabe to accompany her to 1975 so she doesn't fail in her mission and hang herself, even though they may both lose their memories and cannot return to the present day. He does.
    Suzuha: It took me 24 years to recover my memories, didn't it? But this time, I have you. Something might change.
    • Word of God has said that they do indeed end up having a Happy Ending together, despite the ambiguous nature of it.
  • The True Ending as a whole, but especially the final scene as Okabe and Kurisu reunite after a chance encounter. Even more so as he was thinking she had gone back to America, but she had really been searching for him for over a month (he'd been in the hospital) just to thank him for saving her life.
  • The final CG image of all the primary cast around a cake saying "Congratulations"


  • In episode 3, Mayuri opens up the microwave mid-experiment, causing it to go haywire and spit out arcs of electricity. Okabe immediately grabs her and throws them both to the ground, using his body as a shield.
  • Many interactions between Okabe and Kurisu in the second half of the TV series, particularly:
    • In episode 14, when Kurisu makes a Mad Scientist impersonation (complete with Insane Laugh) in order to cheer Okabe up.
    • In episode 22, the whole scene where Okabe declares his love for Kurisu.
    • When Okabe sees the D-mail from his future self. Hearing that all the heartache and sacrifice that time travel put them all through is what opened the path to the Steins Gate worldline. "It all meant something," indeed.
    • In episode 23, when Okabe meets Kurisu again after thinking he had lost her forever. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
      • How he saves her. Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome and a Tear Jerker. He gets himself stabbed by her insane father, tranquillizes her, and then sprays his blood all over her so that passed him won't see any difference, thus avoiding a potential Temporal Paradox.
  • After everything Okabe's been through, he's finally given hope in Episode 23, when Suzuha shows him the video of his future self giving him a pep talk, telling him that all of his sufferings wasn't for naught, and reveals that the time machine was named "Christina" after Kurisu. It's all capped with future Okabe revealing the significance of calling the perfect timeline "Steins Gate": nothing at all. He then closes out with "El Psy Congroo", giving Okabe the motivation to realize that all of his stupid behavior and phrasing can become a reality.
  • From episode 24, Okabe giving Moeka a lab member badge, despite what she had done in several alternate world lines.
    • Hell, the entirety of episode 24 is a culmination of heartwarming moments itself. Everyone is seemingly happy and healthy, Moeka being hired by Yuugo as his assistant in his shop (after helping Nae in an accident), Okabe makes a lab member badge for Suzuha (though she hasn't born yet), no more time machine-related conspiracies, clutches, and tragedies for everyone. All in all, after what they've been through in other world lines, they deserve it.
    • When Kurisu and Okabe are reunited at the end of episode 24:
      Kurisu: "It... it's you. I've been looking everywhere for you. I don't even know how to begin to say what I want to, but..."
      Okabe: *talking into his phone* "It's me. The jig is up, she's wise to us. Do what? What do you mean, you want me to protect her? Very well, just never let it be said I don't indulge you people to a fault. Yes, I'm aware, and if that's its choice, far be it from me to argue. Alright then, El Psy Congroo."
    • And even before they're reunited, although he bumps into her only a few moments later on the street, hearing the speech Okabe gives, where he discusses how he's made his own peace with the fact that he might never see Kurisu again but is happy as long he's ensured a world where she lives on "doing her thing," is an extremely heartwarming sign of the selfless love he has for her.
    • The final line in episode 25, an obvious Call-Back to episode 22 ("Close your eyes.")