Heartwarming / Star Trek: Insurrection

"You know I've never seen a sunrise before? At least...not the way you see them."

  • Just about all the Data and Artim moments.
  • One of the only positive mentions about the idea of an afterlife in Star Trek: In the novelization, Admiral Dougherty is established to be a widower, and his motivation for harnessing the radiation is to prevent people from dying in the manner that his wife did. After Ru'afo kills him, Dougherty sees his wife and reaches towards her, smiling.
  • Geordi watches the sunrise with Picard, able to see one with his own eyes for the first time.
  • "And you thought it would take centuries to learn."
  • Picard's relationship with Anij takes on added significance when one remembers what happened to his family in Generations.
  • One of the final moments, where Gallatin hugs his mother.
  • The writers explanation for why they wrote Insurrection the way they did, regardless of how it would be received or how well it'd work: because they thought it might well be their last foray in the TNG universe; their last trip with the crew created by Roddenberry, all of whom were inspired by his optimistic, hopeful, vision of a future with no hunger, no greed, no poverty. They wanted to tell a story for Gene. One last time.