Heartwarming / Star Trek: Borg

  • The Secret Handshake moments between Qaylan Furlong/Sprint, Lieutenant Furlong and Ensign Targus.
  • Targus agreeing that while Quint isn't perfect, even he doesn't deserve the fate of being turned into a drone. In her own way...
    Targus: Even Quint doesn't deserve to be Borgified, but the Borg definitely deserve Quint.
  • Lieutenant Furlong openly wondering about his son (Cadet Furlong), and what he'll grow up to become. Until Q interrupts and ruins the moment, as usual.
    Lieutenant Furlong: I guess I was just wondering what was gonna happen to him. He's only eight, no wait, (smiles) he's nine. Growing up without his dad, that's gonna be rough...
    Biraka: (with a smile) He'll be all right.
    Lieutenant Furlong: How do you know?
    Biraka: I know, and so do you.
    Lieutenant Furlong: ...I suppose I do. His mother's a strong woman, she'll see to that. It's just...
    Biraka: Yes?
    Lieutenant Furlong: I wont get to see him grow up. I'll never get to know him. As a man I mean. What'll he be? Ah a poet, a painter, a historian?
    Targus: A Starfleet officer?
    Lieutenant Furlong: There's so much we'll miss...