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Heartwarming: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
The Film:
  • Near the end, Stalker's wife addresses the camera, explaining that, despite all the suffering she must endure as the wife of a Stalker, she is happy because she is with the man she loves, and would rather keep this life of passion and pain than live a "gray, dull life."
The Game:
  • Walking Kruglov back to the Ecologist's bunker, fighting back mutants, zombies, and mercenaries along the way, and then taking him to take measurements. If you did this after going to the Dark Valley and then the Cordon, it's possible that you failed to keep the rookies at the village alive against the merc attack. Pulling a mobile You Shall Not Pass against anything the Zone can throw at Kruglov is quite possibly one of the most heartwarming moments of the game.
    • Bonus points if you kept everyone alive at the rookie village. You haven't forgotten how you started out, now have you? Barely anything to your name, saved by a more experienced Loner. Sounds familiar.
  • For this player. It's the settlements. The loners just getting together, sitting down, chatting, I hear them laughing. Life in the zone can be tough. But friendships can survive it.
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