Heartwarming: Spartacus: Blood and Sand

  • When Duro, a greenhorn, challenges Crixus, he gets his ass thoroughly kicked, but he never gives up. After the fight is finally stopped by Oenomaus, the gladiators clap for him to honour his courage. Agron's proud look just makes it better.
    • From the same episode (episode 10 if you're curious) Varro is reunited with his family thanks to Spartacus' efforts. After the reunion, Varro swoops down on his friend and gives him a big brotherly kiss. Doubles as Funny Moment.
  • The refugees thanking and touching Spartacus during Victory.
  • Agron kissing Nasir for the first time in "Libertus." The surprised, happy look Nasir gives him afterwards is adorable.
  • The rebels chanting the names of their fallen in "The Dead and the Dying."
  • The end credits, displaying all the fallen characters grouped together in fitting ways.
  • "Empty Hands". Spartacus tells Mira to get Nasir and Naevia to safety, while he holds off the Romans. She refuses saying her place is by his side. Then they turn to face their fate together. Fortunately, the approaching army is actually on their side.