Heartwarming / Spamalot

  • "Find Your Grail" is played surprisingly straight.
  • Prince Herbert finally getting the chance to sing.
  • "Twice In Every Show".
  • After it seems that Arthur's been ignoring Patsy when he's bemoaning that he's all on his own, the Lady of the Lake points out that Patsy's been with him all the way. Arthur responds, "Well, yes, but Patsy's family."
  • In a mixture of this and Crowning Momentof Awesome, Lancelot chews out Herbert's father for abusing his son:
    "This poor little chap is your son, sir! All he ever wanted was a little love and affection, but did you ever give it to him? No, no, I'll wager you denied him! You try to kill him, and worse, far worse, you try to marry him off to some girl, some female that he obviously has no feelings for whatsoever! Yes, yes, I know about a little bit of bullying fathers, you bastard! Have you no heart? Have you no human tenderness? Canít you see that all heís asking for is a little love and understanding? Is that too much to ask? Is it? Too much! To Ask!!!"