Heartwarming: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

  • Kenny wishing to reverse everything that happened, giving up his chance at being brought back to life.
    "Goodbye, you guys."
  • Stan and Wendy making up at the end.
  • Sheila apologizing to Kyle at the end.
    • Plus, when Kyle reminds her that it was Cartman's "fucking filthy mouth" that saved them, she didn't go nuts like she would have.
  • Sharon and the other mothers quitting the M.A.C. to help their kids. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Kenny's conversation with Satan.
  • La Resistance gathering around Terrence and Phillip to stop the military and Kyle's mom from executing them. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Kyle for standing up to his mom. Unfortunately, she doesn't listen.
    • Terrence and Phillip appear be to quite taken aback by the gesture themselves.
    Kyle: I don't want a fighter, I want my mom.
  • Sheila patting Terrence and Phillip on the shoulder during the reprise of "Mountain Town" at the end.
    The Mother's: (singing) Cause Terrance are Philip are sweet.
    Sheila: (hugs the brothers) Super Sweet!
  • When Kyle hides Ike in his attic, he makes a promise to Ike to stop all the madness, get their mom to come home and become a happy family again.
  • A blink and you'll miss it one, during the La Resistance musical number, Kenny's dad has a picture of him on his helmet.
  • "Through the Eyes of a Child", the last end credits song. It pulls off the seemingly impossible feat of being a tongue-in-cheek Award Bait Song parody that retains the wit of South Park while still having a poignant melody and lyrics (about the innocence of children, or lack thereof).