Heartwarming / Soul Hunter
aka: Houshin Engi

  • Dakki's sworn sisters Kibi and Oukijin get one in the manga when they defend her against the Shisei of Kuryuu, despite Dakki telling them that she could handle the fight. They are defeated and rendered unconscious and Dakki, showing a rare display of sadness and endearment, teleports with them to safety.
  • Kishou's final moments. He is surrounded by family and friends and sees the spirit of his beloved son Hakuyuukou, whom he has mourned so much, come to take him to the other side.
    Hakuyuukou: Father... to be able to depart from this world without a care is an enviable thing.
    Kishou: That's true. I'm a happy man.
  • In the battle with two powerful members of Kingou Island's Jutenkun, Nataku tells Igo to attack the remaining opponent while he destroys his runes in order to protect a severely wounded Youzen. Igo is shocked to hear that from Nataku, and rightfully so, because up until this point, he had been a loose cannon, needlessly violent and without too much regard for his allies' safety. To see the highly competitive, mass-destructive Nataku give up the chance to kill an opponent and work together with someone else to protect a comrade is truly heartwarming.

Alternative Title(s): Houshin Engi