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Heartwarming: Soul Chess
  • The very first chapter Lelouch sees parallels in young!Matsumoto's behavior with Nunnally, and his Big Brother Instinct naturally kicks in, such as letting her sleep with him after having a nightmare.
  • Chapter 13 has Lelouch say to Soifon with regards to their friendship "While I may not always be worthy of your friendship, I shall always value it."
  • Chapter 14 when canon changes dramatically by having Soifon decide to go with Yoruichi. Soifon brings up Yoruichi's promise to her and gets a pat on the head. The whole scene brings a soft smile to this troper's face.
  • The end of chapter 16. Yuna tells Lelouch to come back to 10th Division with her saying that it's his home.
  • Most of chapter 18 where the Lelouch/Yuna shipping is concerned. More specifically the dancing between them and Yuna laying her head on Lelouch's shoulder afterwards only for the chapter to end with them kissing each other.
  • Byakuya's proposal to Hisana (some fans have actually said the chapter feels like a case of Tastes Like Diabetes.)
  • Chapter 24 during the All Just a Dream segment, Lelouch is unsurprised that no one has come to see him in recovery. Later, when he wakes up for real Hisana, Byakuya, Rangiku, Shisato, Naomi, Nemu, Vera, Ryou, Isshin, Kendra, Stefan and Kukaku are all at his bedside and at the end of the chapter Lelouch realizes he actually has friends he can trust.
  • Chapter 26, Hisana and Rukia's reunion.
  • Chapter 27, after Lelouch rescues Nemu from Mayuri and geasses the twisted captain into never harming Nemu ever again. The scene following that is so fluffy that going "dawwwww" is inevitable.
  • At the end of chapter 28 seeing Lelouch being so nice to Vera due to her PTSD Missing hand and missing eye and comforting her skittishness and telling her how good he's been to her going out of his way to give her a family. It made this troper go "awwwwwww".
  • Chapter 30, Lelouch pulling Momo out of her Heroic BSOD after he and the phantoms murder the Atrumier family.
  • Hisana and Rukia finally managing to come to terms with each other.
  • Lelouch deciding to pass his legacy to Momo.
  • The baby is my future.
  • After Hisana defeats Zommari the sisterly moment she shares with Rukia is so fluffy and sweet
  • Lelouch and Nemu getting back together in chapter 69 is definitely this
    • From the same chapter, the Ichi Hime fandom, this troper included, most likely enjoyed Orihime calling Ichigo her hero to his face and Ichigo telling her he was glad to be such
      • That entire scene even after Ichigo rescues Orihime from Needles and his goons is so fluffy and sweet.
  • The wedding in chapter 74 when Rukia and Kaien are giving their vows
    • Later the same chapter the romantic interaction between Ichigo and Orihime is so touching with Ichigo asking permission to fondle Orihime. It seems Chivalry isn't dead after all.
  • Yuna is Back from the Dead!
  • Orihime’s attempts to calm half-hollow Ichigo’s berserk rampage are easily this
  • Yumichika’s interactions with Shisato after Ikkaku’s death definitely qualify as well
  • When Hisana kisses Byakuya's cheek and tells him that she's pregnant and follows up with "Happy Birthday Byakuya-sama" it brought a smile to this troper's face
  • Everything involving Ichigo and his nakama from his dad telling him that he’s just going to be his dad from now on he lost his powers AGAIN, to Kukaku saying there’s always an extra bedroom at the Shiba manor to Ichigo saying to Lelouch he knows who to call on if he needs assistance touched this troper so tenderly.
  • Gin’s speech to Rangiku after she delivers her What the Hell, Hero? moment to him.
  • This troper was already somewhat attached towards Talbumosuke because of his credibility as a decent villain and his death scene made my lip quiver but when he reunites with Mia in hell and the two are holding each other I was so happy for them. I know they're evil, but it made me really happy to see that, even in a place of fire and burning and smoke two people can still love each other. It was beautiful.
  • When Ashido, Nemu, Byakuya, Kukaku, Yosei, and Susanna all pile into the archives to finish Lelouch's plot to Take down the Central Forty Six while he's asleep in the corner. It really shows how close knit of a bond Lelouch has with his allies.
  • Most of chapter 94 as a whole is this mixing along with some Tear Jerker moments as well.
  • The scene between Rukia and Sode no Shirayuki in chapter 96
  • Everything involving the Kuchiki family in chapter 104 from Ichigo finding out that Kyo and Isao are unhurt to Hisana tearfully asking Byakuya why he didn't ask for her help, in what will make readers reminiscent of Soifon's tearful inquiry to Yoruichi
  • Ichigo telling Orihime that she’s his girl. (though the Ichigo X Rukia fandom is probably hissing and shouting big noes)
  • Ichigo breaking free from his seal and the first thing that happens is his reunion with Orihime.
  • Byakuya revealing in the Aizen’s Revenge arc that he’s alive and well and explaining that he thought he would have to defend the lesser nobles from Aizen’s group, but they all banded together and helped him to live
  • The Reveal that the woman in crimson armor, claiming to be Rita’s herald, is the spirit of Mari Akari. The following scene doubles as a Tear Jerker as well. The fact that Ichigo is crying, though he denies it, should be an indication as to the effect the scene is meant to have on the reader.
    • Continuing from that same thread, her reunion with Yuna the very next chapter is equally heartwarming.
  • Rita telling Unohana that she’s very proud of her and always has been. Dawwwww
  • The ending of the Aizen's Revenge arc with Lelouch and Susanna standing up on the hill after Lelouch's resolve was shaken a little by Aizen, but Susanna tells him that Lelouch has made great strides.
  • Any moment between Rita and Unohana in chapter 133. More than one fan has said the chapter should be renamed Unohana and Rita's Mother/Daughter Bonding Time. Some scenes do borderline Tear Jerker as well.
  • Rita cutting Kasumi a break.
  • Anything between Lelouch and Susanna in ch 136
  • The lullaby Cornelia sings to Euphie. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when you remember what eventually happens to her.
  • Susanna explaining why she loves Lelouch so much, unless you're not a SusaLu fan.
  • Nonette showing up to help Cornelia during the Black Rebellion and leaving an uplifting voicemail to keep her from reaching Despair Event Horizon. Nonette really is Cornelia’s best friend.
  • A meta-example. The author had considered reworking the ending scene of ch 163 by breaking up Susanna and Lelouch so that Lelouch could be with Shirley. The heartwarming part comes from the number of positive reviews of people liking the pairing and wanting him to keep it. He has said he's felt moved by such things. Thus changing it into a One True Threesome.
  • The moment with Lelouch and Susanna in 167. First time Susanna's ever given him a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! type of speech.
  • Lelouch finding out that he is responsible for saving Nunnally from the FLEIJA detonation and the scene that follows.
  • Ichigo and Orihime reunited after nine years of his disappearance.
  • Chapter 178: Lelouch and Cornelia's reunion. And a bonus scene from an alternate universe, where Lelouch called Cornelia after the Invasion of Japan.
  • Chapter 180: Cornelia gets to see Euphemia again in the Soul Society. She also gets to see Nonette too.
    • There's also Lelouch getting to see Nunnally again and that one had the author in tears writing it.
      • Their moment in 201 is pretty WAFF too.
  • Suzaku's reunion with Euphie and Keigo's reunion with Riruka.
  • Even villains can have such a moment with Kasumi and her father Talbumosuke with the realization set in.
  • Kasumi putting her trust in a single person: Ichigo.
    • On top of Ichigo saying to her that she’s been his friend since she helped rescue his sister.
    • And her falling asleep, using him as a pillow. As she herself notes, it's the first time she's never had to keep one eye open.
  • Cornelia and Marianne's scene in chapter 198 is really moving.
  • In chapter 200 Rita and Kasumi's moment really gives this feeling.
  • From being deader than a doornail to suddenly being alive and well, considering Lelouch shows up at his own funeral, dressed as Zero, it really breaks the miserable tone and sets it to both a heartwarming one and an awesome one. And then later that same chapter, years into the future he becomes is a daddy.
  • The Stinger; Rita's loyalty has always been to Feluca, not Soul King, and putting Feluca in charge, and with it the promise of a better world, must count.
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